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The elokutio™ approach

We stand out with our three dimensional approach:







  • Talented writers from diverse backgrounds

  • Applied best practices in AD and accessibility

  • Editorial standards adapted for client and project

  • Feedback from target audience representatives

  • Broadcast quality audio

  • Specialized AD production tools

  • Collaborative creative process

  • Large catalogue of high-quality synthetic voices

  • Fully digital audio post-production

  • Optimized platform for adapting AD into numerous languages

  • Excellent value for price

  • Smooth client experience

  • Multilingual offering:
    FR / EN / ES / PT

  • Physical and digital security

A unique technology solution

To produce our audio description of media content,Technoleads uses a technology solution designed specifically for AD.


We capitalize on R&D from CRIM, an applied research institute, and also develop our own specialized tools internally.

Our process of AD for media content revolves around leading-edge technologies at both stages production.

Step 1. AD Script

Before our authors even begin an AD project, we use a series of audio detection and image processing algorithms to identify and list all relevant elements of the video.

This creates a template that shows our authors where to place AD in the video. With our platform, authors can also listen to the narration in real time as they write. These features allow them to focus on writing rich and evocative descriptions.

Step 2. Post-Production

Using synthetic voices makes it quick and simple to generate AD tracks. Our precise audio inserts require no rework, retouching or adjustment during the mix.

Our studios are dematerialized and use digital audio consoles (DAW). The AD narration and the original audio track are mixed into a 2.0 stereo track (*.wav). The dynamic range of the AD produced complies with ATSC A85 AII and EBU R-128 LUF9 technical requirements.

A specific approach for museums

For museum accessibitity projects, we collaborate closely with in-house teams and representatives of the blind and visually impaired community.

When advising museum teams, we support their accessibility approach and respect their reality. We collaborate on their choices and produce AD anchored in their culture.

Our authors, supported by arts and culture experts, strive to share an accurate interpretation of museum objects. We are committed to offering an enriching experience to people with visual limitations, so that they feel welcomed in museums and nourished by cultural offerings.

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