the most advanced
audio description service available today!

elokutio™ leverages leading-edge technologies throughout the entire audio description (AD) production process

benefit from our technology!


leading-edge technologies are used to optimize script production: voice recognition, speaker recognition, facial recognition, video and image processing


next-generation synthetic voice allows us to release a fully balanced and mixed audio track in minutes instead of days


a patented technology and proprietary software is used to fast-track the recording process and improve the quality of our optional human-voice AD

up to 50% faster and cheaper!

10 days

audio description script writing

recording and mix

  • media viewing and manual annotations

  • trial and error

  • estimated time code in and out

  • talent and studio booking

  • recording (adjustments, re-takes )

  • audio clean-up and mix

  • quality assurance

7 days

optimized script writing

optimized recording

  • digital media analysis

  • context-based writing

  • real-time feedback

  • export file with timecodes


  • talent and studio booking

  • streamlined recording

  • simplified mix – final quality assurance

< 5 days

optimized script writing and synthetic voice

  • digital media analysis

  • context-based writing

  • real-time feedback

  • script validation

  • synthetic voice

  • automatic mix

  • final quality assurance

illustrative:  44 minutes TV episode |  business days  |  typical market rates

elokutio's flagship AD productions

  • The Nature of Things /with David Suzuki (CBC)
    Episode: The Real T.Rex

    broadcasted October 18th,  2018
    Documentary -- English AD


  • Thalassic, by Stéphanie Lamontagne
    released August, 2018
    Boston International Film Festival - April 2019
    Short Movie -- English and French AD


  • Boule et Bill (Bobby and Bob)
    Episode: 221 Anniversaries (Birthdays)
    Kid animated series -- English and French AD


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