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What is elokutio?

elokutio™ is a next-generation audio description (AD) services portfolio that leverage leading-edge technologies across each step of the production.

The 2 steps of AD production:

Step 1

AD script writing

Proprietary software & algorithms, combined with best practices that empower us to:

  • focus on the creative aspects of our work

  • obtain immediate feedback from AI-derived tools

  • collaborate with colleagues throughout the process, thus ensuring scripts' uniformity and quality

  • leverage already existing AD to swiftly and efficiently produce translations in other languages

The result is exceptional AD scripts with accurate and engaging narration.

Step 2
AD audio rendering

Next-generation synthetic voice and digital audio workstations (DAW) allow us to:

  • produce professional audio tracks within minutes, instead of days

  • easily adapt AD to the preferred accent and pronunciation of different markets (ex. Portugal and Brazil)

  • produce AD for a given title in several languages at once, allowing for timely release across continental or world markets

Our final stereo AD mix meets strict ATSC_A85AII broadcast standards, with AD narration perfectly synchronized with original dialogue and audio content.

How does elokutio stand out?

The core of our AD production pipeline was developed by CRIM, an applied research institute.  Five person-years of R&D went into its development, in collaboration with several university faculties. The process and output were validated by key Canadian agencies, such as Institut Nazareth & Louis-Braille (INLB), the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), as well as the Regroupement des aveugles et amblyopes du Québec (RAAM).

Through innovation, we achieve 30 to 50% productivity gains, we maintain our stringent quality levels, and focus on creativity.


By design, our tools and services support multiple languages, opening the door to significant economies of scope and providing you with international reach.

About our AD editorial line

Inspired by industry best practices, our editorial line is based on deep respect for the authenticity of the original media, with heightened attention to the pace and tone of each project and linguistic richness of the narration.


Our collaborative approach allows us to meet the needs of our various clients. Combined with our expertise and know-how, open-mindedness makes us a proactive and ideal partner for those who wish to make their media accessible to all.

 About our writers and translators

Asset 3.png


Solid writing skills, relying on superior education and high creativity

= Accurate & engaging scripts

Asset 2.png

International Perspective

Drawing on different languages & cultures

=  Localization of content for specific markets

Asset 4.png


Efficient and clear style combined with peer review process

= Satisfied clients and audience

 Our team of writers and translators speak


Let's discuss your needs!

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