is elokutio a proven solution?


several elokutio™ productions for the benefit of major Canadian, British and French media producers and broadcasters will soon to be aired...

stay tuned!

more than 200 ADs

of films, episodes of TV series, short films and documentaries have been produced by CRIM using this tool

solid technical credentials

the technology behind elokutio has been developed, tested and fine-tuned by CRIM over the last 10 years in the context of an electronic inclusion (e-inclusion) program in Canada

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A technology that changes the world, one episode at a time

Providing an optimal digital cultural experience to all citizens.

As technologies take a growing place in our lives, it is crucial to develop means that will allow access to digital content to all. eAccessibility constitutes one of CRIM's expertise areas... 
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The CRIM’s AD production tool used by elokutio was developed working with key interest groups that have supported its development:

  • Institut Nazareth & Louis-Braille

  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind

  • Regroupement des aveugles et amblyopes du Québec

This 10-year development effort was made possible thanks to the financial support of:

  • Canadian Heritage

  • Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)

  • Économie, Science et Innovation - Québec

  • Offices des personnes handicapées - Québec