what is elokutio?

a next-generation audio description (AD) service that leverages leading-edge technologies through the two steps of the production process:

step 2 audio output

1. The most advanced
AD script writing tool

Optimized through sophisticated, proven methods and algorithms:

  • speech/non-speech

  • facial biometrics

  • video and image analysis

  • synthetic voice


  • efficiency 

  • optimal quality 

  • cost savings 

  • time savings

2. The most innovative approaches to audio output generation

  • exclusive use of patented software to fast-track the recording process and improve the quality of human-voice ADs

  • next-generation synthetic voice allows us to release a fully balanced and mixed audio track in minutes, instead of days


  • efficiency and effectiveness

  • sustained quality 

  • cost savings

  • time savings

step 1 audio description script writing

how is elokutio different?

  • our production pipeline was developed by an applied research centre

  • five person-years of R&D went into its development

  • thanks to this sophisticated tool:
    - our AD writers can complete projects 30% to 50% faster
    - they remain focused on the artistic aspects of their work
    - by design our tools and services support multiple languages, opening the door to significant economies of scope

audio output:

two options to choose from

audio description with human voice

human voice

This first implementation of elokutio is similar to traditional audio descriptions available from our competitor, except...

  • time to delivery - 30% faster * 

  • you save 15% to 25% **

Languages available:

  • English (American)

  • French (International, French, Canadian)

*    subject to resource availability

**  varies by market

audio description with synthetic voice

synthetic voice

This version of elokutio is a game changer in the audio description field...

  • time to delivery - 50% faster *

  • you save 30 to 45% **

Languages available:

  • English (American)

  • French (French, Canadian, Belgium)


  • Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese

*    subject to ressource availability

**  varies by market


when you use elokutio for your audio descriptions, you get professional services from A to Z…

  • a team of trained and experienced AD writers

  • established and fine-tuned production processes

  • professional actors and technicians (human voice)

  • editorial review and quality assurance

  • systematic project management


All elokutio™'s audio descriptions are produced according to the guidelines set by the Canadian broadcasting industry's Described Video Best Practices (DVBP) Committee.

elokutio™  uses these practices for: 

  • artistic guidelines – when it comes to writing AD scripts (e.g. style, tone, individual characteristics)

  • technical guidelines – when setting parameters for audio output (e.g. volume, peak levels, etc.)

Described Video Best Practices