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Technoleads stands out with its new team of audio description writers

December 19th, 2019 – Montreal, Canada

Technoleads Services Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of three talented writers to their team. Since joining the team, Rachel, Caroline, and Alexander have contributed accurate and engaging scripts for elokutio™ audio description. Their productions have already earned the trust of clients such as Bell Media.

Also known as video description, audio description (AD) is a form of narration that describes key visual elements to aid the blind and visually impaired in enjoying multimedia content including film, documentaries and television series. Under the elokutio™ brand, Technoleads provides next generation AD services that achieve unprecedented quality, speed and savings.

Over the last four months, we have grown into an efficient and reliable service provider ,” says Stéphane É. Brisebois, President of Technoleads. “With the support of the dynamic team at PME MTL Centre-Est, we have been able to attract exceptional talent, and thanks to Bell Media entrusting us with several projects this autumn, we had the opportunity to refine our editorial standards and hone our production process. We’re thrilled with our client feedback, which has all been positive.”

Bell Media is already impressed by Technoleads services. “Elokutio video description is very high quality and ready to broadcast without corrections. We’re impressed by the quality of the digital voices, the quick turnaround, and high-quality scripts that meet all our requirements . We can publish them without delays . Technoleads offers good services at very competitive prices. They are a reliable service provider and we’re impressed by the speed and quality of their work,” says Mariève Tremblay, Director of Operations, Administration and Equipment, Bell Media.

The quality of Elokutio’s audio descriptions rests foremost on clear scripts that lead to rich storytelling, which respect the original work. Furthermore, while the innovative platform used to write the AD texts lead to efficiencies, its key benefit is to enable writers to devote most of their time to the creative aspects of their work.

Alexander brings his experience from CRIM, the applied research center that developed the platform. Over the past two years, he has produced English-language AD for the National Film Board and BAnQ, for whom preserving the artistic intent of the production is essential. In addition to writing AD, he is also pursuing doctoral studies in Montreal.

Caroline, who recently submitted her master’s thesis in literary studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal, comes with five years of professional writing under her belt. Rachel holds a BA in French literature from the University of Ottawa and is now pursuing a MA in Film Studies at the University of Montréal.

These three new writers share excellent editorial skills and a determination to always find the right word. With backgrounds in Quebec, France, and the US, they bring complementary views to elokutio’s scripts, ensuring ADs that are properly tuned to the target distribution and broadcasting markets.

Their addition to the team positions Technoleads to exceed market requirements by offering a rich and immersive listening experience to audiences living with a visual impairment.

About Technoleads Services, Inc.

Technoleads is a Canadian company established in 2005. Today they offer services that facilitate the media production chain. They leverage leading technology to foster creativity and stand out in the market.