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Technoleads Services launches elokutio™ – The most advanced audio description service available toda

June 13th,  2018 – Montreal, Canada

Technoleads Services Inc. (, an innovative solution provider for the media industry, has officially launched elokutio™, a next-generation audio description service.

Also referred to as described video, an audio description (AD) is a narration of key visual elements that improves the multimedia experience for the blind and visually impaired.  Compared with traditional AD production processes, elokutio leverages innovative tools and proven technologies to achieve an unprecedented combination of quality, speed and affordability.

elokutio is based on a leading-edge AD technology licensed by CRIM, which is the result of a 5 year E-inclusion research project that involved several key Canadian industry players, universities, research centres and interest groups. CRIM’s state-of-the-art AD solution has been developed and fine-tuned through some 200 AD projects carried out in collaboration with public organizations such as the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ).

Over the last year, Technoleads streamlined and adapted CRIM’s technology to answer the specific needs of media producers, distributors and broadcasters.

“The very first elokutio described video that we have produced is a top-Tier documentary for the benefit of leading broadcasters.” said Stéphane É. Brisebois, President of Technoleads Services Inc., “This is a testament to the quality and performance of elokutio; we cannot wait for this episode to air in the UK and Canada in the Fall of 2018!”, he further said.

To achieve unparalleled speed and quality, elokutio uses the most advanced AD script-writing tool, which was developed by CRIM using artificial intelligence. Optimization is achieved through sophisticated, yet proven methods and algorithms, which include speech/non-speech detection and synthetic voice. Thanks to the assistance and the context that these AI-based features provide, elokutio AD writers can focus on the creative aspects of their work.

To generate the AD audio output, elokutio also combines the industry’s most ingenious approaches. It has secured the exclusive use of a patented software that allows to fast-track the recording process while maintaining the quality of its AD. The professional and experienced narrators who collaborate with elokutio strongly appreciate this novel approach to AD recording, as they stay within character and are less tired at the end of a session.

For situations that call for swift or very affordable results, the option of next-generation synthetic voice is offered. Combined with in-house tools and efficient processes, elokutio is able to release a fully balanced and mixed audio track in minutes instead of days.

With growing regulatory pressures and the proliferation of E-inclusion initiatives worldwide, the demand for audio description is bound to grow rapidly. elokuto is a fresh solution for the numerous media producers, distributors and broadcasters who will need to tackle these challenges.  As a method much more efficient and affordable than manual audio description processes, elokutio will contribute to the democratization of AD, allowing a greater proportion of media content to become available quickly to people with visual disabilities.

About Technoleads

Technoleads Services Inc. is a Canada corporation established in 2005 to provide consulting services. It has become a service provider that supports media production lines.  It uses leading-edge technologies to innovate and differentiate itself in the market.

About the Computer Research Institute of Montréal (CRIM)

CRIM ( is an applied research and expertise centre in information technology, dedicated to making organizations more effective and competitive through the development of innovative technology and the transfer of leading edge know-how, while contributing to scientific advancement. CRIM is a non-profit organization whose neutrality and strong network make it an indispensable resource. CRIM holds ISO 9001:2015 certification. Its work is in line with the policies and strategies of the Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation (MESI), its major financial partner.

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