what is an audio description?

also referred to as described video, an audio description is a narration of key visual elements that improves the multimedia experience for the blind and visually impaired

illustration of an audio description

what does an audio description entail?


audio description concise narration

concise narration, which fits within the available space between the dialogue’s cues


audio description audio output

an audio output, usually a separate audio band consisting of a mix of original audio and the AD narration

what is the rationale for
audio descriptions?

1. growing regulatory pressure

  • audio description has been around for some 10 years

  • until recently, regulatory requirements were rather lax

  • new rules are being adopted and enforced worldwide

2. e-inclusion initiatives

  • a series of initiatives launched by interest groups to improve the multimedia experience for the visually-impaired

  • consequently, large media producers and video streaming services are gradually adopting and standardizing AD

Both trends lead to a growing demand for audio descriptions worldwide