who is behind elokutio?

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The  elokutioservice is offered by Technoleads Services Inc.,  which has held certain exclusive rights to the commercial use of CRIM’s audio description intellectual property since 2017. 

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The Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) has invested some five person-years in developing of the core technologies behind elokutio.

Technoleads has exclusive rights to Indekso’s patented software dubStudio® in the field of audio description, allowing for the optimal recording for the human voice version of elokutio.

Syllabes provides the media industry's audiovisual dubbing and game localization sectors with recording studio, talent training and casting services. It supports Technoleads with the human voice version of elokutio.

Acapela Group is a leading synthetic voice and text-to-speech solution provider that offers some 100 voices in 34 different languages and accents. This technology is embedded in elokutio AD script writing module and used for the synthetic voice output version of our service.